things straight ppl say in movies

  • girl: what are you doing?
  • boy: something i should have done a long time ago
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You never realize how boring your life is until someone asks what you do for fun.

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baby goats playing on other animals

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How George R.R Martin decides what character to kill next [x]

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i keep seeing the words coffee shop au without knowing what they mean. a coffee shop universe? alternate universe where there are coffee shops. friends, i have some good news for you about this universe that we live in

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Watch Emma’s speech and take action

As if I didn’t already love her. She’s amazing

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Painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk

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I’d like to thank Bo Burnham for the best vine ever created 

ughhh i have a short story workshop piece due friday and i don’t know what to do for it, i have a couple vague ideas but i don’t know what direction i want them to go in and man short stories are hard


I hate it when you get too fucked up from drinking and then you can’t drink certain drinks anymore because it tastes like that time you almost died. 



australia’s got a lot of fucked up shit going on but at least we can say our last mass shooting was 18 years ago

because after it happened we placed higher restrictions on gun ownership

because that’s the logical fucking thing to do



Did you have any fashion disasters that you can remember?
Marina: A lot. But fashion should be a disaster.

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